Connector Setup

There are 2 parts to enabling the connector for your Taxi account.

  1. Firstly, you will need to configure a SOAP API access Token in your Bronto account. Information on how to configure this can be found in the help section once you login to your Bronto account.

2. Secondly some configuration is needed in your Taxi for Email account.

Finding the Oracle Bronto API Key

  1. Login to your Oracle Bronto Account
  2. From the menu select Home > Settings

3. Next Select Data Exchange

4. Copy or make a note of the appropriate API Key for your account as you will need it later in the Taxi configuration.

Configuring Taxi for Email Connector

  1. Login to your Taxi for Email account, click on your name in the top right-hand corner and select Organisation Settings 

2.  Select the ESP Connectors tab and Click on "Add New Connector"

3. Name your connector 'Bronto' and select the Bronto from the drop-down menu

4. You can also add an image for your connector. This is useful if you have multiple connectors in one Taxi account.

5. After selecting the Bronto connector, you will need to fill in the API Key.

6. Click Save.

Your Bronto connector set up is now complete.


Bronto requires unique names for all your mailings regardless of their location (i.e in folders). Make sure that each mailing does have its own unique name.

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