First, you need to add an API user in your Dotmailer account and note down some important information. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into Dotmailer and click on the arrow next to the person icon.

2. Select Users
3.  Select the API users tab

4. N.B You will see an API endpoint on this tab. Please make a note of it as you will need this later.
5. Click on the New user button.
6. On the user screen, Dotmailer will pre-populate an email address for the API user. Make a note of this.

7. Put Taxi for Email in the Description.
8. Add a password. Make a note of this.
9. Press the green save button on the bottom right of the screen.

You should have made a note of 3 key pieces of information. API endpoint, email address and password. You need these for the next step.

Now you have completed the set up in Dotmailer, follow these steps to set up your connector in Taxi For Email.

  1. Log into your Taxi for Email account, click on your name in the top right hand menu and click Organisation Settings.

2. Go to the ESP Connectors tab and select the Add New

3. Name your connector ‘Dotmailer’ and select the Dotmailer option from the drop down menu.

4. You can also add an image for your connector. This is useful if you have multiple connectors in one Taxi account

5. After selecting the Dotmailer connector, you will see 4 fields to fill in

6. Add the API details that you copied down earlier
7. Add in the Default from name you want the emails to come from.
8. Make sure you click ‘Save’
9. You can now export mailings from yourTaxi account directly to your Dotmailer Account

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