Follow these steps to set up your connector in Taxi For Email.

  1. Log into your Taxi for Email account.

2. Click on your name in the top right hand corner of Taxi and click Organisation Settings.

3. Go to the ESP Connectors tab and click  "Add New" button 

4. Name your connector and select Eloqua from the drop down menu. You can also add an image for your connector. This is useful if you have multiple connectors in one Taxi account.

5. After selecting the Eloqua connector, you will see multiple fields that need to be filled in.

6. Add your default campaign settings as Taxi will add this information to your mailings on export.

7. Press the "Add Connector" button.

8. Navigate to the mailing you want and click export. You can use a test mailing for the first one.

9. Select the Eloqua option on the exports page.

10. You will be prompted to type in your credentials

11. You will be directed back to the Taxi export page where you need to select 'create a new email' for your first export.

12. Select the Eloqua folder where you want the mail to be exported to.

13. Select which version of your mailing you want to export.

14. When the export has finished, you will see a success message and will be able to click to 'View in Eloqua'.

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