Once your segment set is created, you need to configure the rules to match your ESP column headers and data values. 

N.B.Your connector must be set up and you need to be familiar with your data setup.

You may need to ask your data team or ESP system administrator to help you with this step.

  •  Click the connectors tab in your segment set and then ‘Set Up’ next to the connector you want to use (you may only have one)
  • On the configuration screen, define the exact column name and values for each segment e.g. Loyalty == “LV” 
  • If you have multiple values for one segment or you want to combine data points,add them into the same statement using AND/OR e.g. Loyalty == “MV” and Engaged == “True”
  • Drag the segments to change priority 
  • If you don’t have a default segment, put the content you want to use as default at the end.
  • Anyone who does not meet the other criteria will receive this content

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