Before you can use your segment sets to export, you must configure the if / else statement rules to match your SFMC data values. Follow these steps to configure for SFMC.

1. Click ‘Data’ then ‘Segments’

2. Find the segment set/s you want to use and select edit on the actions menu.

3. On the segments page, find the connector for SFMC and select ‘set up’ (you may just see one connector)

4. On the segments screen, define the exact data values you have in your SFMC data list for each segment and click ‘Update’

5. Drag the segments to change priority. 

6. People who don’t meet any criteria will fall into the last segment by default.  

7. If you have multiple values for one category e.g. Health and Beauty vs. Health & Beauty, add them in the same statement using AND / OR.

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