You can use single segments on their own to add extra content to a basic mailing, or use them with segments sets for greater complexity. Once your single segments are created, you can apply them to your mailings

  • Create the mailing you want to use or select an existing one
  • Click the circle icon to the right of the module nameĀ 
  • Click 'Unlock controls' and select 'Use a single segment'

  • A rule builder will appear where you can select the segments you want to send the content to
  • For anyone not in the single segment, you can send alternative content or leave the extra module out
  • To send alternative content tick 'add module for remaining participants' A new content module will appearĀ 
  • You can use the rule builder to set criteria including multiple segments e.g. is in Dublin and is in loyalty club
  • Click the + sign to use multiple single segments

Useful Links:
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