When using the Transifex Add on in Taxi the original language content goes into the Master version in Taxi and the translated strings are put into the non-master versions.

Taxi Projects, Mailings and Versions are mapped into Transifex as follows:

The usual production flow is explained below:

1. A Mailing is made in Taxi For Email

This can be done according to your organization’s usual email production flow, there is no special requirement here when you are making mailings which will be translated with Transifex.  Creating the non-master versions at this stage is not required (but doing so will not do any harm either).

2. Translation begins: Non Master Versions are made and content is sent to Transifex

‘Send to Transifex’ can be found in the actions menu for mailings and master versions:

Choosing it will take you to the Transifex settings page:

From here you can choose to use a Version Set, to Create Non Master
Versions or to manually set up your chosen versions.  A language code must be chosen for each version. More information on using Version Sets with Transifex is given below.

Pressing ‘create versions’ will:

  • Create the versions in Taxi.  

  • Create a project in Transifex corresponding to the Taxi  project (unless there already is one) 

  • Ensure the relevant languages are added to the Transifex project. 

  • Create a resource file corresponding to the mailing will be created.

  • Create translated resources for the non master version.  

  • Send an image of the master version to Transifex

Taxi will show a translation icon next to the master version name to indicate that the content has been sent to Transifex :

The non master versions will show a grey translation icon, to indicate that they have been set up as a resource translation in Transifex:

Options to open each version in Transifex and to edit the Transifex language settings will appear on the ‘actions’ menu for each version on the mailing home page:

3. Translators begin work

Non master versions in Taxi have an ‘open in transifex’ link on the actions menu in the mailing home page: 

Strings can be translated in the Transifex interface:

Clicking on the screenshot in the context section will show the master version of the email and then 

Enabling ‘View all mapped strings’ will highlight all translatable content, clicking on highlighted words will select them in the translation interface.

4. When translation is complete: Content is sent to Taxi

When all of the strings have been translated the translated content is automatically sent to Taxi for Email - check the untranslated count in Transifex to check everything has been translated.  

The Translation icon next to the version name on the mailing home page will change to indicate that translation is complete:

Also note that the last editor of the version will be ‘Transifex’, to show that the version has been updated by Transifex

5. Reviewing begins

Each translated string must be proofread, edited if necessary and then marked as translated by pressing the ‘review’ button.

Note that edits made during reviewing are not immediately available in Taxi.

6. When Reviewing  is complete: Final content is sent to taxi 

When all strings are marked as reviewed for a language the reviewed content is sent to Taxi and the email is updated.  The translation status icon changes to a green colour at this point 

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