What is subject line segmentation?

Subject line segmentation allows different subject lines to be sent to different users. This feature in Taxi makes it easy for marketers to set up multiple subject lines for an email in the Taxi editor and associate them with different audiences. Then Taxi uses the dynamic content capabilities of your email platform to ensure the correct subject line is delivered to each segment of the audience.

Subject line segmentation does not work with all ESP's.

Using subject line segmentation:

  1. Open the Version you want to use

  2. Select the Subject Line option in Document Settings in the editor

3. Select the Segment icon to the right of the Subject Line
Select Segment Set or no segmentation on the sidebar. A segment set divides all the recipients of the email into groups. Each person can only be in one group - as each person will only get one subject line!

4. A subject line box will appear in the editor for each segment

5. To preview the subject for a particular segment use the segments preview menu at the top of the preview screen

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