Modern Standard is a built-in template that every Taxi account has access to. You can build your emails in Taxi using the 

  1. Create a new Project in your account
  2. Select a Template as you create your Project
    The template will then be added to the default mailing in your project.

As you create your Project, you also add a default Mailing. The Master version will have the Template you selected as you created your Project applied to it.

When creating your email, you can add any of the Modules that the Modern Standard template has. Below is a list of all the available modules:

Header section

2 Logos
Logo with Hamburger Nav

Main Content Area section

Text over image
Intro block
Full width block
Full width image
2 Columns - Image left
2 Columns - Image right
2 Columns
3 Columns
4 Columns
1 Product - Image left
1 Product - Image right
2 Products
3 Products
4 Products
Section Header
Separator Line
Additional CTA

Footer section

Social links

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