Previewing your email

As you add modules to your email, you'll see the Preview of your email being populated with the modules. This updates live as you select settings (such as colours), and add content. 

You can select different devices from the dropdown labelled 'Preview' in the top left of your email. You can select from 'Desktop', 'Mobile', 'Images Off', and if you have your Litmus account connected, 'Litmus Previews'. You can also view a 'Plain Text' version as well.

This allows you to see what the email will look like once you send it.

Sending a test email

Before you export your email, you'll want to send yourself a test email. You can send emails directly from Taxi for Email to any user of your Taxi account, or to any test email addresses that you've set up in your account.

To send a test email:

  1. From the email you're working on, click 'Send Test Email'
  2. Choose the recipient from the dropdown, and press 'Send Test Email'
    You can search for a user or team using the search box. The email address show alphabetically under each heading. You can also add a new Test Address from here.

3. Your test email has now been sent

Before you send a test email, make sure you select any segments if you want to show specific variants of content in dynamic emails.

You can select yourself to be a recipient of the the test email. 

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