In this article, we're going to cover how to create a new Version set. We'll also look at how to apply a Version Set and renaming your Version Sets.

A Version Set is a pre-built group of Versions that you can apply to any Mailing, so all the different Versions you need are created automatically.
This is particularly useful if you often use the same customer groups, product segments, languages etc. You can have different version sets for different customer groups or different teams.

Version sets allow you to create all versions of your email in one click.

Creating a Version Set:
Only Administrators can create version sets. If you have the correct permissions, then follow the steps below

  1. Go to your Organisation Settings
  2. Select the Version Sets tab
  3. Select 'Add New'
    Name your Version Set and add the first Version
  4. Select 'Add another version' to add as many as you need
  5. Allocate teams to Versions within your Version Set, so they automatically have access to that version of the email
    Drag the icon from the available teams section to the team area at the side of the version name
  6. Add a specific Template to use with a specific Version if required using the drop down menu
  7. Select 'Create Version Set'

Applying Version Sets:

  1. When creating a Project in the Versions section, select the 'Use an existing version set' radio button
  2. When you click 'create project' all your versions will be there.

Removing a Version from a Version Set:
If you want to permanently remove a Version from a Version Set your administrator can do that in the Version Set section. Unwanted versions in an existing mailing can just be deleted from within the Mailing itself.

Renaming a Version Set:
1.Go to your Organisation Settings
2.Select the Version Sets tab

3.Select the edit icon
4.Change the name of your Version Set
5.Select 'Update Version Set'

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