In this article, we're going to learn about segment sets. We'll also look at creating, configuring and using segment sets

Taxi for Email allows you to create complex dynamic content within a mailing by using Segment Sets.

Use Segment Sets when you want to split your entire audience into segments and send different content to each

To create a dynamic segment set:

  1. Select 'Data' then select 'Segmentation' 
  2. Select 'Add New'
  3. On the Segment Sets tab select 'Add New'
  4. Fill in the segment set details
    Name and an optional description of your segment set
  5. Select 'Create Segment'
    The segment set is now created
  6.  Next you will need to add segments to this segment set
  7. Select 'Add New' and fill in the segment details
  8. Select 'Create'
    Repeat for as many segments as you need. 
  9. You can either add a specific default segment, or allocate another segment as default content during the configuration step
  10. If you are using a connector, the next step is to configure your segment set to work with your ESP

To configure a dynamic segment set:

Once your segment set is created, you need to configure the rules to match your ESP column headers and data values. Your connector must be set up and you need to be familiar with your data setup. You may need to ask your data team or ESP system administrator to help you with this step.

  1. In your segment set select the 'Connectors' tab 
  2. Select 'Set Up' beside the connector you want to use
  3. On the configuration screen, define the exact column name and values for each segment
    e.g. Loyalty == “LV”
  4. If you have multiple values for one segment or you want to combine data points,add them into the same statement using AND/OR
    e.g. Loyalty == “MV” and Engaged == “True”
  5. Drag the segments to change priority
  6. If you don’t have a default segment, put the content you want to use as default at the end.
  7. Anyone who does not meet the other criteria will receive this content
  8. Select 'Save Changes' 

Using a dynamic segment set:

Once your Segments Sets are created and configured, you can start to use them to build dynamic content within your mailing.

  1. Create the mailing you want to segment and add your modules.
  2. Select the circle icon to the right of the module name
  3. Select 'Unlock controls' and chose 'Use a segment set'
  4. Any segments sets created in your account will appear in the drop down list Choose the one you want to use and save changes.
  5. To use a different module for one of your segments, save the segment set first
    Select the S icon and unlock the controls
    Tick ‘Use different modules for some segments’ and select the module you want from the menu next to the segment name
  6. Taxi will generate the appropriate content block for each segment within your set
  7. Click the segment names to add content as usual
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