Feeds can be used to pull content into your templates automatically from content sources.

You can use feeds to power Personalisation (e.g. different content for each user), dynamic content use cases (e.g. product recommendations, order confirmations in transactional emails) or time-of-open imagery.

This feature will need to be enabled on your account

To set it up:

  1. Head to Data > Feeds
  2. Click 'Add a feed'
    Add your chosen name and a description
  3. Complete the fields to set up your feed

Pick your data type - this will either be JSON, XML or HTML, depending on the source of your feed.

Next, if you need any authentication, click 'Add Key', complete your Key name, and add in the authentication key. You can delete a row from this field if you need to. 

Then select the Method. Here you can choose from 'GET', 'POST' and 'FTP'.

You can then add your Primary URL Pattern. This is where you're instructing Taxi to get the data from. You can use liquid to customise this.

Finally add your Parameters. Parameters are the pieces of information used to tell the feed what you want information about - e.g. event ids, locations.

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