To create your first email, you'll need to set up a project, a mailing and a version. This article will explain how to create your first email, using the built-in Template: Modern Standard. You can also add your own Template, we'll cover this later on.

Watch how to create your first email:


First you'll need to set up a Project, which is where you will create your email:

  1. Click on 'Projects'
  2. Click 'Add New'

3.  Complete the 'Project Details'
Add a project name, and select a Template as a minimum. Each account comes             with three built-in Templates - Modern Standard is the one most people use.

4. Complete the 'Mailing Details'
Every project must have at least one Mailing in it.

5. Select whether to create one version, or to use an existing version set
For the purpose of this tutorial, create just one version.

6. Name your Version
7.  Select 'Create Project'

Next, open your project. You'll see the Mailing that you just created. You can add other Mailings in here - an example would be if your Project is for a weekly newsletter. Each week's newsletter would have it's own Mailing, and within a Mailing you could create different versions, for example for different languages.

To create your email:

  1. Select the Mailing from your project
    You named this in the previous steps.
  2. Click on the 'Master Version'
    This might be called something different if you selected a different name.

3. Add modules to the different sections of your email
You can add modules to the 'Header', 'Main Content Area' or the 'Main Footer'.               These will be named differently if you're using a Custom Template.

If the non master version is different to the master version you will see a number beside each module. This reflects the order which it was added to your non master version.

4. Add content into your module
Either click on the part of the email in the preview pane that you want to edit, or            select it from the 'Module Settings'. Modern Standard has lots of options that you         can use to customise your email. 

You can rename the module by clicking on the edit icon beside the module name. You will see the original name of the module just below the heading of the module. 

You can use keyboard shortcuts to add bold, underline and italic to your text by using:
Bold:Cmd + B/Ctrl + B, italic: use Cmd + I/Ctrl + I and underline: Cmd + U/Ctrol + U.

5. Add your 'Subject' and 'Preheader'

6. Customise the 'Design formatting'
You can customise the colours and font styles and sizes from here. Custom Templates might not have access to a 'Design formatting' setting.

You're now ready to send your email.

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