In this article, we're going to learn about single segments. We'll also look at creating, configuring and using single segments.

Single segments allow you to include content for some people and not others. E.g. you may want to include an offer module in your mailing, but only for people who live in Dublin. Single segments are binary, you are either in or out

Creating a single segment:

  1. Select 'Dynamic Content' then select 'Single Segments'
  2. On the Single Segment tab select 'Add New'
    You can choose a grouped single segment or a single segment. If you create a new grouped single segment you can drag single segments to this group

3. Fill in the segment details
4. Select 'Create'
The segment is now created
5. If you are using a connector, the next step is to configure your segment to work with your ESP

Configuring Single Segments:

Before you can use your Single Segments, you must configure the data values that will include or exclude people in your segment.

  1. Select the Single Segment you want to configure
  2. Select the 'Connectors' tab Select 'Set Up' next to the connector you want
  3. On the config page, enter the rule for people who should be included in the segment e.g. Loc == “Dublin”
  4. The data values must reflect what is in your list

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