To set up the Iterable connector, you'll need to be logged into both your Iterable and Taxi accounts.

  1. In Taxi, head to Integrations
    Select the ESP Connectors tab
  2. Click 'Add New'
    Select Iterable from the dropdown. This will need to be enabled by Taxi. You'll need to name your connector - we recommend 'Iterable'

3. Paste your API key in the field
This can be found under the integrations tab in your Iterable account

4. Paste your Locales details
In Taxi, you can map versions to locales in Iterable. The locales need to be configured within Iterable under the settings page. Enter your Locales separated by a space. The locales are case sensitive. You can read more about setting up locales here
4. Click 'Add connector'
You're now ready to export mailings to Iterable

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