*Link tracking is available on our Enterprise Plan

You can easily create your own tracking system in Taxi, or Taxi can build a system to meet your company's specific requirements.

To create a tracking profile:

  1. In Taxi, head to Dynamic Content
    Select the Link Tracking Manager tab
  2. Select 'Add New'
    You can also copy an existing Tracking Profile by clicking the copy icon beside the Tracking Profile

3. Name and describe your profile e.g. All Links or All Images etc.
4. Under 'System', select 'Custom'

5. Save your new tracking profile.

Custom tracking uses the same field types as described on the Tracking Profile - Field Types page here and gives you the option to add extra attributes and create unique link formats.

  • Add custom fields and custom attributes by clicking the 'Add Field' and 'Add Attribute' hyperlinks
  • The HREF Settings section allows you to add your own liquid code to change href to link formats.
  • You can also create CSV files of links to distribute to other teams in your organisation for reporting purposes.

Taxi offers a bespoke link tracking service. Contact us for information.

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