Liveclicker is an online tool that can help you produce live imagery and interactive elements for your email campaigns.

Liveclicker is organised into campaigns, and within these campaigns you can choose which elements you want to use. Elements are the different types of live imagery that you can use in Liveclicker. You can have as many of these elements within a campaign as you like.

When you set up an element, Liveclicker provides you with a piece of code that you can insert into your HTML, whether that be for an image, video or any of the other elements.

For each campaign, as well as the code for the specific element you create, you are also given a tracking pixel. This will track the duration of open for the emails using these elements.

What does the Liveclicker integration do?

Content in Liveclicker is organised into campaigns and elements within those campaigns. The integration allows you to search through your campaigns and then select the element you want from within that when building out your emails. At the click of a button you can choose which campaign and element you want and easily populate your emails with the right content.

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