In Taxi if you have any questions about your template you can see who the template owner is and get in contact with them. 

Set your template owner preferred contact details:

  1. Go to your user profile page and click on the notifications tab

2. Set whether you want to be notified or not
3. Set your preferred contact method
Here you can enter your email address, Skype username or phone number or a URL
4. Click 'Save' when you have entered your details 

How to set up a template owner when uploading a new template:

  1. On the template tab select 'Add New'
    Enter the template details and upload the new template
  2. Select 'Create Template'
  3. When you are on the Image Assets page select 'Set template owner'

4. Next select the user that you want to set as the template owner from the dropdown
If you select yourself as the template owner you will have the option here to change your contact details.  

If you select another user they will be sent an email notification.

5. Click 'Save and Finish'

To edit your template owner:

  1. Open the template that you want to edit the owner to
  2. Go to the template permissions tab 

3. Here you have the options to remove the template owner and also change the template owner.
4. Click 'Save' to save any changes that you have made 

Remove a user that is a template owner:

If you want to remove a user that is a template owner you will first need to update the template owner for all templates that this user is assigned to. 

Admin users can see the templates that the user is assigned to on the users profile page.

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