A search helper can be set up alongside a feed and enable you to control how you will search for content from your feed when building emails. For example, you could search through all the titles of a blog on your website and pull in relevant content depending on which one you chose.

Setting up a search helper:

  1. On your feed settings page select the 'Search helpers' tab.

  2. Click 'Add new' and give your search helper a name
    Add in any API keys if needed

3. Chose from the dropdown which type of search helper you want

  • Press button to show options: This will show you a dropdown of all the parts of your feed you want to choose from

  • Enter search term: This will also give you a dropdown but you’re able to type into a search box to control what appears in the dropdown

  • 2-step search: This enables you to type in the value of something you want to search through in your feed, and then see a dropdown of parts of your feed associated with what you’ve searched.

4. Use liquid to define what you want to appear when you search for information in your feed.
With feeds in Taxi, you can pull content from XML, JSON and HTML formats. Your feed will be set up with one of these formats depending on where your external content lives.

Search helpers also enable you to search through any of these formats too, so you can use one with any type of feed you have in Taxi.

5. Input the url that you’ll be pulling the information from
You can reference parameters in the search helper url. You can use {{params.param_name}} to do this.

For example, if you have a parameter in your feed named 'item' you can include {{params.item}} in the search helper URL.

6. You can then use the test tab to make sure your search helper is working as you need

7. Click 'Save'

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