Layouts enable you to create your Mailings from a pre-defined set of modules.

For example, if you have a newsletter that uses the same modules every week, you can create a Layout for this instead of manually selecting the modules in the Taxi editor every time you create a new email.

Create a new Layout:

  1. Head to Email Design Systems and select the Email Design System you want to create a Layout from

  2. Select the Layouts tab and select 'Add New'

3. Enter your Layout name and description and select 'Create Layout'

4. You will then be brought to the editor. You will see a blue banner indicating that you are editing a Layout and not a Version

5. Add in the modules you want to use for this Layout
6. Click 'Save' in the top right of the screen

Using a Layout in Taxi:

Once you have created Layouts on your account you can begin using them to create emails.

  1. Create a new Project or Mailing and enter the details

  2. You will see a Layout tickbox. When this is ticked you will see the Layouts that are created from the Email Design System you selected.
    You can view what this Layout looks like by clicking the eye icon beside the Layout name

3. Click Create Project/Create Mailing

4. On the Mailing page you can see what Layout is being used

5. When you open a Version you will see the pre-defined modules selected for the Layout in the editor. You can then add the content to your email.

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