To add a new project

  • On the home screen, click the Add New button on the top left of the screen.

Hint: If you are not on the home screen, you can find projects under Content in the top navigation.

Taxi will need some info from you in order to set up the new project.

Give the campaign a name and a description.

Next you need to fill in the details of the first mailing that will exist within your project. Most importantly this is where you will select which template is used for your mailing and by default for any other mailings you make. Once you have set up your project, you can add more mailings as you need.

Every mailing has at least one version inside it, in this case this is also the master version. Define your first version by giving it a name and description.

Once you are finished filling in the above fields click ‘Create Project’ 

Viewing your new project

Once your project has been created you can open it by clicking on the title e.g. ‘Weekly Newsletter’.

Next open the mailing that you would like to work on by clicking on the title e.g. ‘Week 1 news’, then version.

You are now ready to edit your first version.

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