• Create pre-defined groups of mailings in Taxi as version sets
  • Very useful when you repeatedly send to the same audiences e.g languages, locations, loyalty groups
  • Version sets allow you to create all versions of your email in one click

Only Administrators can create version sets. If you have the correct permissions, then follow the steps below:  

  • Select 'Organisation Settings' under your name in the top right corner
  • Click the 'Version Sets' tab
  • Click the 'Add New' button
  • Name your version set and add the first version
  • Click 'Add another version' to add as many as you need 
  • You can allocate teams to versions within your version set, so they automatically have access to that version of the email
  • Drag the icon from the available teams section to the team area at the side of the version name
  • Add a specific template to use with a specific version if required using the drop down menu
  • Click Create version set
  • You can use your new version set next time your create a mailing 

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