What is subject line personalisation?

Personalisation means using information about your subscribers to send them individual content.  Doing this in the subject line is Subject Line personalisation.  An example of a personalised subject line is:

Email platforms use placeholders to know where to put the personalisation in the subject line, for example

The subject line personalisation feature in Taxi makes using personalisation easier in 2 ways:

  • Marketers and content creators do not always have an easy way of knowing what personalisation variables are available. Taxi offers available personalisation variables to users in an easy-to-use drop down menu
  • The syntax for personalisation variables is not always friendly or easy to remember and small mistakes can either lead to users seeing the placeholder - which looks unprofessional - or emails not being sent at all!

Using personalisation variables in the Taxi editor 

Personalisation variables can be added to subject lines using the personalisation field button on the subject line field

If this button is not showing please contact your account manager who can enable it on your account.

Personalisation fields are shown as red blocks in the editor:

Setting up personalisation variables

Personalisation variables are often set up by an administrator or data team.  To set up the ESP values correctly it is important to be able to access the email platform to see what data is available and to test the personalisation fields carefully before using them for real sends.

Personalisation variables are set up from the data menu:

For each field you can set a name, a label and an ESP value:

  • The name must be unique and not contain any spaces, changing it after it has been used  will stop those uses from working in future 
  • The label can be changed without breaking anything
  • The ESP value should be the exact value required in the email platform

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