Image hosting is available in Taxi For Email through our CDN. A CDN is a content delivery network - a system of servers set up around the world to ensure that when a user downloads an image they can get it quickly from a server that’s not too far away. Of course we don’t operate thousands of servers all over the world ourselves - our CDN is built on top of CloudFront, part of Amazon.  

Images can be uploaded directly into the email editor in Taxi. At the point of export if the ‘use cdn’ option is chosen, the images will automatically be hosted in the CDN and CDN addresses will be put into the email html. Images belonging to the template for the email will also be hosted in the CDN.

Why are there charges for using the CDN?

The charges for using Taxi have no CPM element, instead we charge based on productivity, the amount of time being saved in the email production process. Because the costs involved in operating a CDN depend on the number of image downloads they can vary a lot from one customer to another. We include an amount of free CDN usage with all of our packages but beyond this we have decided to charge based on the amount of usage.

Monthly Allowance

Our lowest pricing is available by buying a monthly allowance for image downloads. We allow up to a fixed amount of image downloads per month for a set fee. Extra downloads beyond this will be billed at a slightly higher rate. This is designed for organizations who need a relatively constant  amount of image hosting and want a predictable costs over a long period.

Free Allowance

As a promotional offer, the free allowance is currently included with Taxi accounts as follows:

  • Essential – 750,000 image credits / month
  • Growth – 3,750,000 image credits / month
  • Scale – 7,500,000 image credits / month
  • Enterprise - 7,500,000 image credits / month

Additional Monthly Pricing

For brands that use more than their free allowance every month, the following tiers are available:

  • Additional 7,500,000 downloads – $120 / month
  • Additional 15,000,000 downloads – $240 / month
  • Additional 25,000,000 downloads – $400 / month
  • Additional 50,000,000 downloads – $800 / month
  • Additional 100,000,000 downloads – $1,590 / month
  • Additional 200,000,000 downloads – $3,170 / month
  • Additional 300,000,000 downloads – $4,750 / month
  • Additional 500,000,000 downloads – $7,920 / month
  • Additional 750,000,000 downloads – $11,840 / month
  • Additional 1,000,000,000 downloads – $15,840 / month
  • Additional 2,000,000,000 downloads – $31,670 / month

GBP pricing is available. Please contact us for details.

Image Download Credits Explained

An image download credit allows a download of an image of up to 100 Kilobytes. Beyond this an extra credit will be used up for every extra 100K. This means an image of 20 Kilobytes would use 1 credit, and an image of 290 Kilobytes would use 3 credits.  

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