Your new template can be configured for a particular brand and you can lock or hide parts of it to stop branded elements from being changed.

  • Go Templates > and select the three dots on the sub template > select View Details 
  • Go to the ‘Field Configuration’ tab

● You will see a list of all the different sections of your template

● Each section contains sub sections underneath it

● Open the section you want to work on e.g. Design Formatting to see each of the elements such as colours, fonts, sizes etc

●You will see three options at the side of each element: Lock, Change defaults using version sets and Brand field

● The lock option allows you to lock each element of the template to stop it being changed

● Simply tick the box and save your changes

● The ‘Change defaults when using version sets’ option allows you to dynamically change elements of your template, when your template is used with version sets 

● The Brand field option allows you to change your colours, design and styling or just set new defaults

Useful Links:
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