You can download either one version of your email or all versions at once. To download just one version follow these steps:  
• Navigate to your mailing and select Export from the ‘Actions’ menu  
• On the next screen select ‘Download HTML’  
• Select the single version you want to download. If you have a lot of versions you can use  the ‘Toggle all’ button to select / deselect everything  
• Select whether you want images in a .zip file or for Taxi to host them  
• Press ‘Start Export’  
• You will now move to  a progress screen which will turn green when your export is finished  
• When the export has finished click the ‘download’ link  
• A .zip file containing your email, images, word counts and meta data will download to your download folder  
• You can then save this to your own computer or network ready to upload to your email system

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