• Export all emails as HTML files, screenshots or hosted URLs
  • Export from the mailing level or direct from the visual editor
  • Select Export and on the next screen choose HTML, screenshots or hosted URLs
  • Select which versions you want to export
  • Click ' Toggle All' to select or deselect everything 
  • Choose whether to download images in a .zip file or host in Taxi
  • Press Start Export 
  • You will move to the mailing screen where you can track the export progress
  • When the export completes, click ‘Download’ and a .zip file will download to your local folder
  • Extract the .zip file and open the ‘Versions’ folder to find all your documents
  • If you navigate away during export, click View Export History and download from there. You can also access Export History via the main navigation
  • Repeat the process for Screenshots and hosted URLS
  • Use screenshots in presentations and reports
  • Hosted URLs are available to copy from the export screen 
  • They are public facing and can be send to contributors / managers

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