Setting up Transifex with Taxi For Email is easy. Just follow the following steps:

  1. The Transifex add on must be allowed in your account, talk to your account manager to get this activated.
  2. The add on can be added through your account settings page: 

3. Transifex is under the ‘add-ons’ tab:

4. Click ‘connect’ and you will be presented with a form:

5. You will need the following information

  • API Key 
  • Transifex organization name
  • Co-ordinator name

How to get each of these is explained below:


  1. Go to your user settings in Transifex:

2. On the left click on ‘Api Token’

3. Click ‘Generate a token’:

4. Choose the copy & close button:

N.B It is not possible to get the key later from Transifex, so it is important to paste it immediately into the connector settings in Taxi.  The field in Taxi will go green after a short delay, to indicate that the API key has been accepted by Transifex.

Organization Name

This is an identifier for a particular Transifex account
Taxi for Email is taxi-for-email.  You can see it in the url in Transifex after this is where you will locate your organization name.


This is the name after ‘hi’ in the corner in Transifex. The name you input in Taxi must match identically and is case-sensitive.

Project Name Prefix

This is added before project names when Taxi creates a project in Transifex to make it easier to find your projects.  We recommend ‘Taxi For Email:’ 

Source Language Code

Choose the source language that your emails are normally written in, that is the original language that is used before any translations are made.

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