Team Permission

Team members can carry out tasks on the project or mailings that the specific team has been given access to.

E.g. Jo is on two teams; content and productions.
Content can export and production can delete.

  • Jo can export any mailing the content team has access to
  • Jo can delete any mailing that production has access to

She cannot export production mailings or delete content mailings

Global Permission

Global permissions allow team members to carry out the specified tasks on anything they can access as part of any team.

E.g. If Jo has a global permission on one team and a team permission on another team, the global permission will override the team one. Jo will be able to carry out the specified tasks on anything she can see.

If you want someone to be able todo a wide range of tasks but do not want to give them admin rights, put them on a team and give the team global permission to do as much as you want. 

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