Taxi has a feature that allows you to group your users into teams if required. 

Each team can be given different permissions and different access to make sure the right people can see and edit the right projects and mailings. 

Teams are useful when you have a lot of users in Taxi or when you need to give different permissions to different groups. e.g. you might want to give access to freelancers, without them being able to see anything  confidential. 

Scenario 1:
• You want to restrict access to projects so your departmental teams can only see the projects relevant to them.
E.g. The fashion team can only see fashion projects and the sports team can only see sports projects.
• You can create a team called 'Fashion' and a team called 'Sport' and then control their permission level and which projects they are able to access. 

Scenario 2:
• You want to allow freelancers to be able to access a mailing in Taxi so they can edit; but you don't want them to see any other mailing or do anything other than change copy.
• In this scenario you can create a team called 'Freelancers' add your freelance users to the team and then only allow them permission to edit copy.
• Then you would go to the mailing concerned, and give the team 'Freelancers' access to that mailing only.
• When your freelancers log in, they won't be able to see anything except the mailing you have given them access to, and they wont be able to do anything other than edit the copy.   

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