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Configuring link tracking profiles
Configuring link tracking profiles
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Taxi link tracking is powerful and flexible. You can show or hide all or part of your tracking in the editor. This example uses Google Analytics, but field types apply to any system.

To begin configuring your link tracking profile:

  1. Click into the profile you created.
    If you have not created one yet see our help page here

  2. Under 'Fields for Google Analytics' you will see 3 required Google tracking fields plus 2 optional.

3. Type determines how the field will be populated. You have 5 choices:

  • Fixed Value

  • Automatic

  • Document Field

  • Link Field

  • Export Field

Fixed Value 

Allows you to type in a code that will not change and will not be editable within the email. This is useful for standard tracking identifiers such as country, team or email segment. 


Adds the project, mailing or version name from Taxi or an automatically generated link number. These are not editable within the email (unless you change a mailing name). These are very useful if you use standard naming conventions within Taxi; as they will help categorise reports.

A Document Field

Allows you to add a tracking field into the visual editor so it can be edited once within the email and then appended automatically to all links within that email.

  • You can add a date, dropdown menu and/or a free text field. Values must be added for dropdown lists.

  • When you go to your email you will find the document field under Document Settings. The field label tells users what they need to input. E.g. Send_Date . The date will then be added to your links. 

Link Field

Allows you to add tracking fields into the visual editor so every individual link can be edited. 

  • You can add a date, drop down menu and/or free text field.

  • You must add values for a dropdown list.

  • A link field will be added to ALL links in ALL modules within the editor and needs to be edited for every link. 

  • The fields i.e. date picker, drop down or free text ARE editable.

Export Field

Allows you to add tracking fields that will only be added when the mailing is exported - either manually or via a connector.

  • You can add a date, dropdown menu and/or a free text field. Values must be added for dropdown lists.

  • Export fields cannot be edited, and are not visible, within the mailing

  • When you click 'export' the link tracking export field that you have specified will be available to select on the export screen.

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