To use Taxi and the Liveclicker integration, you'll first need to make sure that this has been activated. Get in touch with our team to get this activated in your account.

To set up the Liveclicker integration in your account:

  1. Go to the Dynamic Content section of your Taxi account

  2. Click on feeds

  3. Click on 'Add new'

4) Select the Liveclicker icon
     Give your feed a name

5) Select "Create Feed"

5) On the "Setup" tab add in your details
     -API Key
     -API secret
     You can find these in your Liveclicker account by going to:
     Settings > Real-Time Content > API Key
    -Account ID,
    You can find this in your tracking pixels
    -Duration of Open Appends,
    This will always be '&dim0=%%uidad%%'

6) Click Save

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