Brand as much or as little of your new Email Design System as you like e.g. logos or the entire Email Design System

  1. Go to the Email Design System tab and select the Email Design System you want to edit

  2. Select the ‘Field Configuration’ tab
    Here you will find the elements you want to set new values for e.g.logo, colours or fonts.

  3. Select the element you want to set values for and tick the ‘Brand field’ box

4. Select 'Save Changes'
5. Next, go to the ‘Brands’ tab
Here you will see all the elements that you selected to change on the previous tab
6. Set the new values for these elements
7. On this page, you can also hide parts of the Email Design System from appearing in the editor
To do this tick the checkbox beside the 'Hide this field in version editor'
8. Select 'Save Changes'

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