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Exporting to Adobe Campaign File connector
Exporting to Adobe Campaign File connector
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To export to Adobe Campaign File connector you will need to select the Project, Mailing and finally the Version you would like to export. You can export from the Mailing level, Version level or from the visual editor. To export:

  1. In Taxi, head to your Home screen
    Select the Project that contains the version you want to export

  2. Select the Mailing
    If you are Admin you can select the Kebab menu and select 'Export' on the mailing level

  3. After selecting the Mailing you will see the Versions page
    Select the 'Export Mailing' option on the right-hand side of the screen under the Exports section. Alternatively, select the version you want to export to open it in the visual editor.

  4. In the visual editor, select 'Export Mailing'

5. On the Export page, scroll to ESP connectors
Select your Adobe Campaign File connector.
6. Enter a file name

7. Under the Segmentation section
You can select if you want to export one version, one file for each version or use a segment set.

One file for each version: message-per-version type export

When exporting with this option a file for each version will be attached to the export, and will be offered for download at the end of the export process

8. Click 'Start Export'
You will see a green banner when your export is complete and you can open your exported email in Adobe from Taxi.

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