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Setting up and using the Akamai add-on
Setting up and using the Akamai add-on

Learn how to set up and use the Akamai add-on in Taxi for Email

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The Akamai add-on allows you to set up a connection to an external image source, which you can then access through the Taxi for Email editor. You can browse through your files through Akamai's Netstorage API and select an image to insert into your email in Taxi.

When an image is selected we don't download the image into the Taxi CDN, instead, we use the details provided by the Akamai add-on settings to generate a URL to the image, which is then inserted into the image URL field.

To enable the Akamai add-on:

  1. Head to Integrations

  2. Select the 'Image Add-ons' tab and click 'Add New'

3. Select Akamai from the image add-on type dropdown

4. Enter your details

5. Select 'Add Image Add-On'

6. You will now see the Akamai add on
On both the Image Add-Ons tab and in the editor when adding an image.

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