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Taxi and the Omeda connector
Taxi and the Omeda connector

Learn more about how Taxi and the Omeda Connector work together

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If you build your emails in Taxi for Email and send them via Omeda, our Omeda connector will save you time and reduce risk throughout the process. It does this by enabling you to automatically send your emails to any deployment within your Omeda account, either creating a new one or updating an existing one.

Without the connector, you will need to download the HTML from Taxi and then either upload the HTML file or copy and paste it into Omeda. The connector allows for a more seamless process from creating the email to exporting to Omeda.

Personalisation can be used with this connector.

You can set up as many Omeda connectors in your Taxi for Email account as you need. This can be useful if you have separate staging and production Omeda environments, or different accounts for brands or regions.

This connector also enables you to schedule when emails will be sent from Omeda as you export from Taxi. This makes sure that there will be even fewer steps needed after the email has left Taxi. You’ll have to jump between tools far less often which makes for a far smoother process.

On the export page select the ‘Schedule email send date’ and choose the send date, send time and the timezone you’re sending in.

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