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Taxi and the Klaviyo Connector
Taxi and the Klaviyo Connector

Learn more about how Taxi and the Klaviyo Connector work together

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If you build your emails in Taxi for Email and send them via Klaviyo, our Klaviyo connector will save you time and reduce risk throughout the process. It does this by allowing you to automatically send your mailings to any campaign within your Klaviyo account or update existing campaigns that have already been set up.

Without the connector, you will need to download the HTML from Taxi and then either upload the HTML file or copy and paste it into Klaviyo. The connector allows for a more seamless process from creating the email to exporting it to Klaviyo

This automation and reduced number of manual steps mean there are fewer things to go wrong, so you can be confident in last-minute content changes.

The Klaviyo connector also makes it much easier to create and export targeted emails. Personalisation and segmentation can be used with this connector.

You can set up as many Klaviyo campaign connectors in your Taxi for Email account as you need. This can be useful if you have separate staging and production Klaviyo environments, or different Klaviyo instances for different brands or regions.

The connector allows you to create new campaigns in Klaviyo. After creating the email and adding all the content in Taxi you can select which folder you want to export to in Klaviyo and at the click of a button export from Taxi.

Your Email Design System includes all of your modules and these will be fully render tested and are ready to use in any of your emails. When using the connector you don’t need to touch the HTML of individual emails at any part of your process so you can further ensure consistent rendering.

You’re also able to update existing campaigns through the connector. If a mailing has been exported to Klaviyo but a last-minute change is needed, you can make the change in Taxi and quickly override the email that has previously been exported. Even once the email has been exported to Klaviyo, there’ll be no need to edit the HTML.

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