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The way that Braze handles the preheader of an email is different to some other ESPs. There is a separate field for the preheader in the Braze interface. This means that you don’t have to have it in the HTML, you can input the text into this field.

Our Braze connector can work directly with the way Braze handles the preheader.

If you have a field in your Email Design System called ‘preheader’ and you export to Braze, the preheader will get inserted into the Braze preheader field, and take it out of the HTML.

If you have a field in your Email Design System for the preheader but it is called something different, for example, ‘pre-header’, then the preheader will get included in the HTML not in the Braze field.

If you have it in your HTML and then you add it into the Braze field you will have two preheaders when you send the email.

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